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Combined Heat and Power

SHEco can offer packaged solutions containing CHP and CCHP units.

CHP, also know as co generation, is a highly efficient process that captures the heat created from the generation of electricity, thus producing both heat and electricity simultaneously.  CHP's can benefit all types of businesses and provide a return on investment in 3-4 years,  cut energy by up to 40% and reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to separate generation techniques.

How can CHP units benefit you?


Highly efficient technology, by using waste heat,  CHP units can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 80%.

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Utilise captured heat,  for your business' heating requirements.

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Reduce electricity usage costs and reduce reliance on grid energy by generating your own electricity for your business.

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Utilities stability,  through predictable electricity and heating costs allowing accurate forecasting of future utility expenses.

For more information on Combined Heat & Power please feel free to contact a member of the SHEco team at

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