Borehole Technology 

Open Loop

This type of system comprises of two boreholes (extract and desposit).  Water is extracted through the extract borehole from an underground aquifer.  Water is then returned into the underground water source via the deposit borehole.

Open loop Borehole System.png
  • Low capital costs

  • Renewable heat incentive

  • Highly efficient in extracting energy

  • Free cooling

Closed Loop

This type of system comprises of an array of boreholes that are vertically inserted (drilled) into the ground and which circulate water to and from the connected ground source heat pump.  Thermally enhanced grout is used to maximise heat transfer.

Closed loop Borehole System.png
  • High energy natural storage in the ground

  • Renewable heat incentive

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling

  • Free cooling

Water source

Water is extracted directly from a lake, river etc, via an extraction pipe.  Water is then returned to the water source via a deposit pipe.

Water loop Borehole System.png
  • Low capital cost

  • Renewable heat incentive

  • Passive cooling