SHEco can provide commercial size standard and bespoke built chiller solutions running on the latest highly efficient,  low global warming potential refrigerants and compressor technologies,  with cooling capacities ranging from 50kW to 2MW,  these chiller modules can be installed in parallel for increased capacity.

Chillers will enable businesses to increase the efficiencies of their cooling systems,  reduce their carbon emissions and make energy cost savings.



How can chillers benefit your business?

  • Low carbon cooling:  Chillers provide significant reductions on carbon emissions.

  • Reduced energy usage:  Chiller units have high efficiencies.

  • Flexible range of solutions:  Chillers use a range of sources and operate through a wide range of capacities ensuring the right solution for your business can be found.

  • Installed in new build projects or retrofitted into existing buildings as a replacement for 'end of life' low efficient existing HVAC equipment.




Types of chiller

  • ​Air to Water - takes thermal energy from the process water and waste heat is released to air.

  • Water to Water - takes thermal energy from the process water and waste heat is released to water.

  • Heat Reclaim - during the cooling operation,  the chiller produces a controlled source of chilled water leaving the evaporator while dissipating heat through the condenser and ultimately to the environment.  When there is a simultaneous need for chilled water and hot water,  these chillers have the capacity to operate in heat recovery mode,  recovering the heat that would be released to the surrounding area via the condenser.  The recovered heat can be redirected for various heating applications,  which saves energy while maintaining set operating conditions.

  • Free Cooling - In this operation mode the chiller unit uses the ambient air temperature to perform the cooling of the chilled water,  rather than the refrigerant cycle of the chiller,  thus saving energy and reducing operating costs.