SHEco conduct detailed feasibility studies to determine if a GSHP system can be installed and what borehole solution is the most appropriate based on the system's heating capacity and space availability.

As part of the borehole feasibility study, SHEco assess and collate data:

  • Environmental impact assessment to assess potential changes.

  • Thermal response testing to analyse the temperatures that can be obtained from the ground.

  • SUMO surveys are conducted to ensure that the location that the borehole system will be installed is free of any major utilities or any other underground anomalies.

  • Historical borehole data and geological surveys are collated and analysed to help determine the geological makeup of the ground and the temperature that can be obtained.

All data obtained is fed into our borehole modelling software.  This software then identifies the number,diameters, depth of the boreholes required, including the most efficient and optimal borehole configuration.